I had two slip-and-fall accidents in the same day. After that my whole body was in continuous pain, I could not turn my head, my headaches were excruciating and my mind was in a continuous fog. For a year and a half I had to sleep in sitting position as the pressure in my brain was unbearable. Many doctors tried to help, but nothing had a lasting effect until I finally met Dr. Kavieff. He painstakingly put literally every bone and muscle repeatedly back into its right place, as by that time, the trauma had become a permanent "body memory." I cannot even imagine what my life would be today without Dr. Kavieff's dedicated help. He always did his best to help my recovery and encouraged me to take responsibility for it. Thank you, Dr. Kavieff!

Susana Stoica, Ph.D.


When he works on me his hands are really warm and like magic. He never hurts me and I feel so much better after. He is super nice and when I was little I wasn't afraid of him like some other doctors.

Robert S.

10 years

In 1996 I was diagnosed with a herniated disc in my neck and lower back. Traditional medical doctors advised me to stop all physical activity and warned If I continued, I would end up in a wheelchair! After seeing Dr. Kavieff, not only am I completely out of pain, I am extremely healthy and more active than I was 10 years ago. Dr. Kavieff has completely transformed my life and added great value and significance. I am still a patient today and I am forever grateful!

Sue Hummel

Special Education Teacher